Software Architecture, Strategy & Engineering for Mobile & Web

An engineering-focused web and mobile app development company 2

You see a need, we build a solution. Let us make your mobile application, website, digital or software idea a reality.
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We Build Ideas

Enola Labs creates strategy and digital products to address complex business requirements using mobile, web and all the latest underlying technologies. We serve clients from venture funded early stage companies to the Fortune 500 seeking the best in mobile app development services, web solutions, custom software development, technical leadership and strategy.

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Leading with Architecture

Whether it’s iOS, Android or Web, we orchestrate all projects with experienced software architects using a collection of methodologies to manage the design, engineering and building of enterprise-grade solutions with a view to on-time and on-budget delivery.

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Low-Risk Engineering

We translate the architectural design into the optimal set of software components. We match specialized skill sets with project requirements under the watchful eye of the assigned architect. This is where we go from the grand design to determining all the elements of the technology stack.

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Building the Software

Directed once more by the software architect, our creative and technical teams work side-by-side making prototypes a coded reality. Our mobile app developers, web team and designers utilize our process to risk reduction and comprehensive tool sets to complete the job.

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Deployment and Optimization

Our work is not done when the product is built. We work with you to coordinate the deployment of your custom software, help implement marketing strategy and a detailed engineering plan that takes advantage of future technology cycles.