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Within Enola Labs, we have an entire practice around AWS implementation, solving a wide range of issues for our customers. Our team is composed of highly experienced AWS Certified architects and engineers that are ready to provide elegant solutions leveraging AWS, and can help your team within almost any project or initiative. While this page only covers some of the projects that we have done, please connect with us if we can help or optimize your AWS implementations.

AWS Implementation

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a cloud computing platform utilized by Enola Labs for many different applications, utilization and implementation patterns. AWS offers a wide array of services, allowing our architects and engineers to select the best model when developing solutions to some of the toughest problems facing startups and industry leaders alike. Our AWS certified architects and engineers offer a long list of AWS implementation services to our clients, including a few we’ve listed below.

Legacy System Migration

The development team at Enola Labs has deep experience in utilizing both Direct (hosted) as well as Optimized (hybrid and serverless) methodologies to help our clients migrate their legacy system into the cloud.

Moving Hosted Environment

Moving from an existing hosted cloud environment to AWS can reduce costs. The Enola Labs team can design and optimize the application to leverage AWS resources, rather than utilizing the existing server’s capabilities. WIth this method, overall cost reduction is achieved with even greater security in the AWS cloud. For many organizations, the first step into the cloud can be as simple as first moving the hosted environment. Once the environment is in AWS, we work with our clients to start enabling greater agility and overall cost reduction.

AWS Serverless Websites

To optimize the cost of your website, many of our clients choose to go serverless through AWS serverless websites. The AWS serverless websites may be ideal because the architecture enables a “pay as you use” model, and it offers the nearly limitless ability to scale as needed.

Leveraging AWS with CI/CD

If you are looking for CI/CD models to improve agility and deliver higher quality builds, then our certified AWS architects and engineers are ready to help. We have successfully architected and implemented CI/CD within AWS in both regulated (e.g. Sarbanes–Oxley) and non-regulated environments. CI/CD enables more agility for our customers, with greater time to market, while still delivering high levels of quality within each build.

AWS Optimization

Perhaps you are already utilizing AWS, but need to know how to optimize your process. Our engineers can step in and help you make the most of how you are using AWS. This may include implementing:

  • Hosted infrastructure
  • CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery)
  • Serverless architecture

AWS Enabled Environment

AWS can also be leveraged for IT tasks, even when you have an existing data center. IT tasks, such as the following, can be implemented by our team:

  • Backup - Using Glacier to replace tape backups
  • Data Persistence - Using S3 as the file repository (versioned and unversioned) for a global infrastructure
  • Hosted - taking existing server image and moving it to the cloud

Leveraging AWS

Enola Labs can leverage AWS as the backend for new development projects. Our engineers and architects will help realize your goals for each project. Our engineers and architects are AWS certified and use best practices for AWS components.

Whatever the issue, questions, or concerns you are facing, the engineers and architects at Enola Labs are prepared to help. We are Amazon Web Services experts here to help you troubleshoot your most pressing problems to find a solution that works to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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