Our Team

Enola Labs is comprised of accomplished software architects, engineers, designers, and marketers. Take a look at our backgrounds and you’ll be quick to recognize our diverse skills that drive our success.

We are builders.

Marcus Turner

Marcus Turner is an accomplished analytical and technical architect with a successful track record in the planning and delivery of large scale enterprise wide solutions. His background includes the development of critical systems architectures and transformation strategies resulting in increased operational efficiency and dramatic cost reduction. A certified Architect and Project Manager with a proven ability to create realistic expectations, Marcus develops accurate schedules and budgets, allocates resources, resolves critical path issues, provides cross functional team leadership, and delivers results consistently within scope and budget.

Helping others achieve more than they could alone by solving complex problems are core to Marcus’ nature. He has a fundamental belief that IT solutions can be simplified and communicated using a common language which enables a superior customer engagement model. These combined beliefs drove the establishment of a successful consulting organization and now a unique process centric development services company.

We are innovators.


From strategy through implementation, our marketing team has the industry experience in mobile and web technologies to handle any challenge our clients are looking to overcome. We have extensive experience in software analysis, competitive research, strategy roadmapping, software launching and optimization and we are happy to handle any or all your project’s marketing needs.


Our Design team specializes in strategies for building a strong user base and paving the way for profitability. They value the idea that extraordinary design must incorporate a set of innate qualities: design is innovative, thoughtful, useful, aesthetically pleasing, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, timeless, thorough, preemptive, environmentally sustainable, minimal, and at it’s core, meaningful.


Our in-house engineering team is one of the most diverse and accomplished in the business. With expert knowledge in iOS, Android, backend orchestration and server engineering using PHP, Python and all popular web-based frameworks, our group can handle any technical challenge that may present itself throughout the development of your product.

We define “Good Looks”