October 24, 2016
Alexandra Bohigian

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Over the past few years, experts in digital technology have accurately predicted the rise of mobile traffic and mobile application use. As an operating software development company, we thought we’d put together some of the most current and impactful statistics for mobile in 2016 and beyond.

1. Mobile now represents 65% of all digital media consumption time. Many users are turning to mobile for initial search and information, and use desktop as a second touchpoint at a later time. For example, a user may begin shopping or researching a product on their smartphone, but finish the actual checkout process from their desktop.

2. In the US, nearly 80% of mobile phone users own a smartphone. Among millennials, that figure is upwards of 94%.

3. A projected 224.8 Billion mobile application downloads will have occurred by the end of 2016. In 2017, it is projected that there will be 268.69 billion mobile app downloads.

4. While paid application revenue is declining, overall application revenue is steadily increasing. This is due to more in-app purchase pricing models as opposed to having users pay to download. In fact, consumers are expected to spend upwards of 50.9 Billion U.S. dollars on mobile apps in 2016. That number is expected to more than double by 2020.

5. As of June 2016, Facebook’s Messenger App was the most downloaded mobile app worldwide, coming in at 59.7 million downloads in the first six months of the year. Snapchat took second place with 54.5 million downloads and Facebook took third place with 45.8 million downloads between January and June 2016.

6. In 2016, Americans (ages 18 and older) are spending, on average, over three hours each day on their mobile devices. App usage continues to dominate the time most users spend on their mobile phone.

7. The total mobile ad spend worldwide in 2016 will be around 101.36 Billion dollars. Ad spend for app downloads alone will near 5.7 Billion dollars in the US.

8. The average app will lose 77% of its users within 3 days of them installing the application, and 90% of users within one month. This should have many developers looking into how to best retain their users in 2017.

9. 40% of people use smartphone search only to fulfill immediate needs, also known as micromoments.

10. Experts predict that users will spend more time watching video via mobile devices within the next three years. With larger smartphone screens, users are downloading video streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix to view video, rather than waiting to watch on desktop or television. “Mobile video watch times and engagement are continually increasing across most of the analytics reports we see and will continue to do so,” said Austin-based video production firm Carley Creative.

11. Traffic from mobile devices will account for two-thirds of all global internet traffic by 2020.