January 13, 2016
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The start of the New Year is a great time to look back at mobile app statistics, trends and insights that will help guide this year’s decisions we make as developers, designers, marketers and startup founders. Recently, comScore released their 2015 mobile app report, which provides a detailed overview of all things mobile from the previous year. We’ve decided to dive into the document and provide you with a snapshot of some of the most interesting mobile app stats from 2015.

1. Although desktop is not declining in total engagement, it is losing share to mobile, which now accounts for 62% of digital media time spent. And mobile apps on their own now drive the majority of digital media time spent at 54%.

2. Smartphone users spend an average of 68.2 hours per month in apps. Individuals aged 18-24 spend the most time of any demographic at nearly 90.6 monthly hours dedicated to their smartphone apps.

3. Smartphone users spend 87% of their time within apps versus 13% on the mobile web. The numbers adjust to 83% and 17% on tablet devices.

4. Currently, there are 27 apps available on the app stores with over 20 million unique monthly users, 33 apps with 10-20 million and 63 apps with 5-10 million users.

5. The top 1000 Apps average 201.8 monthly minutes per visitor as opposed to the mobile web’s 10.9 minutes.

6. 3 in 4 smartphone users keep their most used app on their device’s home screen, in full view, outside any custom or native folder.

7. Almost 4 out of 5 smartphone app minutes are spent within a user’s top 3 apps, despite the average smartphone user visiting 25 apps per month. Tablet users are even more engaged with their most used apps with 87% of their app usage occurring within their top 3.

8. 34% of those aged 55 and older utilize 2 hands to operate their smartphones. Only 9% of those aged 18-34 do the same.

9. 3 in 10 smartphone users are uncomfortable with enabling location services when prompted by an app.

10. 8 of the 9 top apps (by unique monthly visitors) are owned by either Facebook or Google. The only exception in the top 9 is Pandora Radio.

11. Nearly 80% of app users rank Facebook as one of their top 3 most used apps.

12. 4 in 10 millennials (18-34) listen to podcasts on smartphone apps at least once per month.

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