August 01, 2017
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Computer software is in high demand, increasing the need for skilled software development engineers across the United States. As companies continue to fight for talent, salaries continue to rise. In the infographic below, we outline average 2017 software development engineer salaries by state, highlighting the top 10 states software developers will want to work if they want to see a bigger paycheck.

A Salary to Afford the Most Expensive Housing Markets

Out of the 25 most expensive housing markets in the US, eight of them are in Silicon Valley. The highest is San Jose, where the median cost of a home sits at $1,050,000. According to PayScale, you would need a salary of $212,800 to afford the mortgage on a home at that price.

Although the highest paying jobs for software engineers are in California, is Silicon Valley really the best option to make a living?

In 2017, a software engineer in California makes about twice as much as a software engineer in Wyoming. Given how high the cost of living in California is, this isn’t very surprising. But even on a six-figure salary, developers find themselves unable to afford a comfortable life in Silicon Valley.

Software Engineering in Austin, Texas: More Bang for your Buck

A 2016 survey from Stack Overflow looked at cities with the lowest percentage of median salary spent on rent. There were four US cities in the top 10: Austin, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles.

Glassdoor ranked Austin as the #6 best city for developers, taking affordability into account. However some are wary of these rankings since San Jose and San Francisco are still at the top. Dallas-Ft Worth and San Antonio are the two other Texas cities included in the top 20.

According to ZipRecruiter, after calculating cost of living and available jobs, Austin is #1 on the list for software developers, followed by Raleigh NC and Provo UT.

The conclusion drawn seems to be that most developers could live comfortably in any city outside of Silicon Valley, but Austin’s tech scene continues to grow. Although cost of living remains on the rise, it is still relatively affordable compared to places like San Francisco and New York.

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