June 27, 2014
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For everyday creatives who are searching for an app to doodle on or sketch out ideas, one of these four apps might solve your design needs. These apps deliver intuitive interfaces that try to make life simple for a designer to draw out their thoughts.

Adobe Ideas

For the designer that needs to sketch vector illustrations, this app is essential to have on your smart device. With a Creative Cloud membership, you can export your designs to Illustrator to touch up details or send them to other apps, such as Behance or Photoshop Touch. The app also supports three different pressure-sensitive stylus types, as well as copy-paste into other apps or sharing your designs through social media channels.

Paper by FiftyThree

Paper is a beautiful and intuitive app that allows you to sketch, write, draw, outline, and color. Each tool provides a range of colorful expression without adjusting settings. FiftyThree has built an award-winning app that places simplicity and basic utility above the countless number of features that could have been packed into it. Paper works without the distractions of settings and allows the user to remove mistakes using a two finger gesture on the drawing canvas.


Brushes is a painting app that is built upon an accelerated OpenGL painting engine. The app includes support for 2048x2048 paintings, ten layers, and the ability to record and replay the painting process. Brushes is famously known for the ability to help create awesome paintings, such as the one featured on the cover of the New Yorker. The app is possibly one of the best at helping people express their creativity, and there are many more examples to check out.


With support for five layers, the app provides a straightforward drawing interface where designers can either doodle or paint to their full potential. The app includes support for PSD file export, and high-res drawings can be exported using Mac OS X viewer. Designers can draw on either a square or 3:2 rectangular canvas with 10 different brushes that can be adjusted up to 64px.

All of these apps should be considered by any designer looking to keep their creative juices flowing on the go. To learn about more lifestyle apps that can make your day easier or keep you organized, be sure to follow our technology blog updates on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.