July 18, 2014
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​Have you ever had a moment when you take a photo with your smartphone and realize that the quality isn’t great? Or have you ever wished you could edit your photos to look professional, straight from your iPhone? If you’re searching for a better mobile camera experience, these five apps will help produce better photos and improve your photography skills.


Olloclip is a lens accessory that attaches onto your iPhone camera. It allows you to take fisheye, wide angle, 10X Macro or 15X Macro pictures. The accessory is compatible with many camera apps and the lenses produce clear photos that enhance what’s possible for mobile photographers.


From one of the creators of Instagram’s most popular filters, Cole Rise has created a new photo editing app that makes subtle changes to improve photo quality. The app comes with 9 starter filters and the option to shop for 36 other pre-sets. Litley brings vibrancy and cinematic quality to photos by packaging all the filters in a clean and easy to use interface.


One of the more exciting apps in the photography space is Frontback. The photo app focuses on taking photos with both the front and back cameras and sharing them in a single image. The company is also building an entertaining photo community within the app, with certain users showcasing the daily creativity within their lives.


Camera+ is a quality app that can be used as a replacement to the standard iPhone camera app. Camera+ gives you many features you’ve always wanted in a camera app- including effects, scene, and shooting modes that make the experience enjoyable. The app also includes the Clarity filter, which improves upon image processing techniques bringing life into dull colored photos. Lightbox is another great feature that allows you to quickly skim through and delete old photos taken in Camera+ to keep the camera roll organized.


A fun way to put together a collage of your favorite event or time spent with friends is PicStitch. PicStitch supplies you with over 200 layouts to piece your photos together. There are also filters as well as an option to use QuickPrints to print photos to a local Walgreens within an hour. With a clean UI, the app makes it easy to save some of your favorite memories all into one image.

These five camera extensions can help you take full advantage of your mobile camera. Try them out and see if you can become a better iPhone photographer. For more updates on technology and cool apps, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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