June 03, 2013
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By: Travis Halff

Enterprise mobile applications allow businesses to connect with their employees and their consumers in efficient and groundbreaking ways through the use of virtual servers. Information can be stored, updated and pushed out, connecting all aspects of a business and significantly increasing productivity and communication.

These applications have enjoyed the surge of popularity that the mobile industry witnessed over recent years, and are working their way into the structure of more and more businesses. More than 6 out of 10 companies are now embracing BYOD (bring your own device) policies and over 40% of companies believe that employee-facing applications will provide competitive differentiation.

The following companies and services are implementing impressive enterprise mobility strategies:


Square has met massive success with its flagship product, the Square Reader. Square allows businesses to accept consumer credit and debit cards through a small reader that connects directly to iPhones and iPads. The company received an invaluable endorsement in 2012 when Starbucks announced that the corporation will transition to exclusively using Square Readers to process all transactions in every single one of its stores. Through Square, companies of all sizes can cost-effectively accept electronic payments through hardware that they may already own.


Medical technology corporation Medtronic introduced iPads into their sales efforts in 2010, unsure as to whether the foray would be successful. Now the company heavily utilizes a mCMS (mobile content managing system), called Oracle WebContent. The service gives all of Medtronic’s sales teams access to up-to-date information on therapy information and product details. This allows for the teams to present information relevant to whoever they are selling to.

Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems, an IT solutions and enterprise product developer, is taking a different approach when it comes to enterprise mobile applications. In an attempt to avoid the mobile security concerns that are attached to the use of cloud servers for storing company data, Citrix has just announced XenMobile. XenMobile allows companies to securely connect their employees to a set of corporate applications (some of which are also designed by Citrix), such as an application that handles email and an application that backs up data. Through this closed system, employees can utilize mobile enterprise without putting confidential company information on Dropbox’s cloud servers.


Chatter, a Salesforce product, that has been dubbed “the Facebook of sales.” The application allows for seamless communication between members of a business’ sales team and helps employees share information critical to sales success. The service brings CRM (customer relation management) software to the mobile world, allowing sales representatives to engage with important information whenever and wherever they need to. Salesforce has also put significant thought into the user interface of Chatter, making it easy to use and pleasant to look at.


TigerText is a encrypted messaging service that allows for businesses to guarantee their employees can communicate securely. The application can send anything from text-messages to images to spreadsheets, and can even delete content after a given period of time. The service is not restricted to a specific platform, working perfectly with the BYOD environment common in many workplaces.

The Future of Enterprise Mobility

Services that utilize enterprise mobile applications are becoming more frequent and more creative in their uses, making it an avenue to surely keep an eye on. As the mobile industry continues to grow and mobile devices become deeply integrated into our lives, the opportunities for employee-facing applications that utilize these connections are endless.

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