June 26, 2015
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by Sean Guion, Enola Labs


Isabel is a medical app which allows professionals to search for possible diagnoses based on the patient’s symptoms. Isabel is not used to give you an exact diagnosis, but rather provide you with a list of likely diagnoses based on the search. Isabel is a great tool for doctors and practitioners to use in the early stages of their research to help narrow the possibilities and create an easier path to diagnose a patient.

Figure 1

Figure 1 is a community of over 150,000 doctors, nurses, students and other medical professionals sharing clinical cases and discussing possible treatments. Everything you discuss with other professionals is in real time and the app also allows you to search for annotated medical images which are categorized by anatomy and specialty. There are also patient photos, x-rays, charts and MRI or CAT scans available to view. Figure 1 is one of our favorite medical collaboration tools currently on the market.

MDLIVE Telehealth

MDLIVE’s new app allows you to schedule appointments or speak directly to a doctor about any questions you may have. This app could save patients hours by not having to go to the doctor for something simple, like cold symptoms. The average wait time on Telehealth is approximately 20 minutes. A doctor can provide you with a diagnosis and there is also a symptom-checker included in the app; essentially, your health is in your hands.

NEJM This Week

NEJM This Week is an app allowing you to see what is currently going on in the medical field by showing recent articles, audio summaries and some video. The New England Journal of Medicine is the world’s leading medical journal and website and the app provides the NEJM’s world-class content for medical professionals in a sleek and easy-to-use mobile experience.


DocbookMD is an app for a physician team or a medical society contracted with DocbookMD which enables sharing and communication. Users can easily and securely share x-rays, EKGs and other patient information directly to their colleagues for quick and easy consultations. DocbookMD, like a few of the other apps mentioned, is a great way to collaborate on possible diagnoses and connect with medical specialists.

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