June 15, 2015
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by Sean Guion, Enola Labs

Sky Guide

Sky Guide is an easy-to-use star and constellation guide that will show you the wonders of our galaxy. It’s as simple as holding your watch to the sky and automatically finding stars, constellations, planets, satellites and much more. All you do is follow the arrow on the app and you can explore the stars. The app even has a search engine that will direct you to what you are looking for. The coolest feature in Sky Guide is the cinematic time controls that allow you to see past, present, and future views of the sky. There is also a way to set notifications and reminders of events, like when ISS is about to fly overhead.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is an app that allows you to stream over 100,000 of radio stations from all over the world ranging from news to pop radio. There are also over 4 million podcasts you can choose from. The app allows you to make a personalized home feed and it will show you what is playing on each station you add to your feed.

Find Near Me

Imagine being in a city/town/area you are unfamiliar with and you have no idea where anything is. Now imagine yourself in the same place but you know exactly where almost anything and everything is. Better right? Find Near Me gives you just that as it has an abundance of categories to choose from. Need to pull cash out of an ATM? Find Near Me will inform you of the ATM’s closest to you. The app saves quite a few steps in the typical search process and presents your options in an attractive an easy-to-use interface.

Hole 19

For all you golf enthusiasts out there who act like pros but have never broken par, this app just might be able to get you that negative score we have all been looking for. Hole 19 has over 34,000 course maps with accurate GPS distances for each hole. This app gives you the tools to zoom in on your desired landing area, know the distance to any point on course and will give you immediate feedback on your shot distance. You can also track scores on the scorecard feature which also allows you to share your scores and highlights on social media.

Texas Historical Landmarks

This application enables you to take an insightful journey through the state of Texas by giving you detailed historical information of more than 14,000 state attractions. The map feature allows you to see the entire state of Texas and will drop clickable pins for every historical site in the state. Say you are on vacation and would like to pick up some knowledge, simply go to the app on your watch and every historical monument or site is at your fingertips. The watch app is focuses on the “near me” function which displays any historical landmarks in your general vicinity and even alerts you when you are closing in on a marker.

Dart Mobile

Studies show that about 90% of people put off replying to an email because it would take too long to type the response and 84% said it was frustrating waiting for simple email responses. Dart allows you to send short and concise messages to ensure you get the response you need. Essentially, the sender creates a multiple choice question. For example, “What would you like to eat for dinner?” would be the question and the answer choices might be pizza, hamburgers and tacos. All the receiver would do is select which one they prefer and the message is sent. There is also an open message option that allows you type a message up to 200 characters. If both the sender and receiver of the message have Dart then it will send push notifications.

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