May 09, 2014
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By: Alex Ross

Whether you’re in school, at work, on the go, or at home, power and access is vital to staying connected in our increasingly mobile world. Many companies are developing the best ways to put power into your hands, lap, and even your bike! These are six of our favorite, innovative chargers out there, both on the market and making their way there soon.


Bike2Power has built what could soon become an essential part of any bike chassis. Their new SpinPOWER S1 attaches onto your bike’s front hub and, using the motion of your pedaling, powers your device through a USB port! Incredibly useful for long rides, the device helps keep your music and GPS well-powered while you’re on the go. The charger supports both iOS and Android smartphones that can be stored in an adjustable case mounted on the handlebars. The SpinPOWER S1 can also be used to power USB chargeable bike lights, cameras, GPS units, and mp3 players.

Motion Charger

Pendulum motion, self-winding devices like watches are nothing new, but FTC Innovations has combined that principle with electronic generators to create a miniaturized, quarter-inch thick charging device. Simply connect your phone to the iMoveCharger and your motion charges the device, which in turn charges your mobile phone. The charger displays graphs about its charge level and current voltage. The device easily allows you to leave it in your pocket, purse, or bag to charge while you go about your day. The motion charger is currently being funded on Indiegogo, with over $5,000 raised of its $25,000 goal. Contributors save 37% off one device, 50% if they buy two, or receive 25 devices if they contribute $1,000.


The QiPack (pronounced chee-pack) is a thin, sleek portable power gadget that powers almost any smartphone device. About the size of a smartphone, the QiPack uses an inductive charging pad to wirelessly provide backup power to your mobile device. After the latest improvements, the charger will reach charging efficiency of 85%, meaning the 3000mAh rechargeable battery will be highly efficient and can rapidly charge your mobile device.

Luma SmartLamp

The Luma Smart Lamp is a combination of a multi-color lamp, bluetooth speaker, and a basic charger. The lamp turns on in proximity of bluetooth-connected Android and iOS devices and can double as a giant notification light to alert you of incoming notifications. The wood base of the lamp houses a bluetooth speaker for music, along with a microphone for hands-free calls. Two small or large lamps can be purchased at once to save you a little extra cash and multiple lamps can be combined for stereo speaker output. The Luma lamp puts all your bedside needs into one convenient device. Starting on Kickstarter, the project has recently raised over four time its goal of $50,000.


Dart is, so far, the world’s smallest laptop charger. FinSix began as an MIT project that developed into a full fledged start-up built around their innovative adapter. The Dart is four times smaller than the average 65 watt charger and includes a USB charging port. About the size of a cell phone charger, the gadget follows the trend of laptops scaling down to smaller and thinner sizes. Its core technology allows it to cycle power more than 1,000 times faster than existing laptop chargers. Dart only has a few setbacks, including its inability to charge larger laptops and higher costs for MacBook adapters. We’ve talked about Dart before and how excited we are for the tiny charger in our Kickstarter blog last month. They’ve more than doubled their goal but are still accepting backers for the next few days. From promotions to colors and adaptors, pledging to FinSix on their Kickstarter opens up a wide range of options, depending on how much you plan to donate.

Fuse 10W Solar Charger

Voltaic’s Fuse 10W Solar Charger is a flexible, portable solar panel that can easily be attached to a backpack or bag and used to charge any size laptop, tablet, smartphone, camera, or other handheld devices. The charger can latch onto technical backpacks, panniers, or anything you can fit the adjustable buckles around. The three 3.4 watt solar panels connected to the 72 Wh battery are lightweight, super-strong, and waterproof. The Fuse is a great power source for camping, hiking, or even just walking around campus. A full charge can recharge any sized laptop once or a smartphone eight times over. Voltaic makes smaller and cheaper versions as well and includes 10 standard laptop adapters, USB adapters, and a car charger socket.

Chargers have come a long way in the past few years. Solar, motion, and miniaturized power are some of the newest and coolest concepts we’ve seen for keeping our devices charged, and we’re excited to see where they go from here.

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