June 20, 2014
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With the widespread use of smartphones, we can now do much more than texting and calling on our devices. One of the most important things we should be able to do on a smartphone is maintain our creative expression. We have many different ways to keep track of our creative ideas, but for musicians who love using their smartphones or tablets, here are six music apps that will keep them creative while they’re on the road:


Apple’s music-making app has had many improvements over the years, and the latest version is still considered one of the best in the App Store. GarageBand allows you to mix and record your own music with touch-based instruments through a full-featured recording studio. The app also lets you create and share your tracks with friends and family through iTunes, iCloud, and various social media channels.


For the people who want an app to store their songwriting ideas, Hum is a must-have tool that helps musicians jot down lyrics or record samples on the go. The app lets you take notes on a page separated from the lyrics, tag lyrics, and sort them via their mood or description.


The Thor synthesizer app is a powerful synth optimized only for the iPad, with panels designed to hide and reveal extra features, such as filters, oscillators, and envelopes. You can either create your own sounds or play over 1,000+ pre made sounds. Thor features three main screens: Keyboard, Knobs, and Routing, with each screen utilizing their own unique features.


NanoStudio lets you mix synth layers with recording samples and is optimized for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The studio kit allows you to customize premade samples or upload your own music to sample. Both sequencer and effects allow you to create your own unique sounds with reverbs, compressors, or delays.


Amplitube transforms your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into a multi-FX processor that allows you to use various sets of amps, stomp boxes, and mics to create your own professional sounds. The app already comes with a great set of guitar rigs to choose from, with many more available to you through in-app purchases. The developers of Amplitube, IK Multimedia, have also recently created a ring device which lets people control their music without interacting with their computers. The device is known as iRing, and it can be controlled using gestures and movements combined with the camera on a smartphone, tablet, or iPod. While the user is wearing the ring, he can control when the bass drops in or out of a song.


This intuitive metronome that suits every musician has a feature that many other metronomes lack: the ability to adapt to changes in tempo and time signature. MightyMet was created with the idea that a flexible timetable would be the most efficient and effective way for a musician to play without having to stop and change a tempo. With MightyMet, the process becomes automated and the musician no longer needs to worry about loss of tempo while playing.

*MightyMet was built by Enola Labs in collaboration with Tyler Draker

As our smartphones continue to increase in computing capacities, we believe the ability to collect and recall our creative processes on mobile devices should improve as well. These six music apps just give a glimpse into what the future of creative expression looks like for musicians.

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By: Robert Leung