January 11, 2018
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With preparedness for how cloud computing and storage is changing the technology landscape and several industries around the world, businesses can be better equipped to manage this change and stay ahead of the technology curve. Here are 7 cloud computing predictions for 2018 based on the advances made in cloud computing over the past year.

1. Increased Cybersecurity Readiness in Cloud

In 2017, we saw headline after headline on cyberattacks and the devastating impact these attacks have on organizations, governments and consumers. This opened up a larger conversation about the vulnerabilities of data centers and the security solutions embedded into the cloud. This isn’t to say that the cloud is completely immune to these cyberattacks, in fact, we are expecting to see a huge push for higher investments into cloud cybersecurity. However, we are seeing that cloud storage is better equipped to defend against cyberattacks, and that there will be a push in 2018 for increased cybersecurity readiness in the cloud.

2. Greater Cloud Storage Capacity

According to a Cisco survey, cloud storage capacity was expected to grow to 370EB of data storage in 2017 and a global capacity of 600EB. In 2018, those numbers are forecasted to double—with a storage capacity that will be approximately 1.1ZB. As cloud continues to move to the mainstream in business, more companies in 2018 are expected to move their data storage to the cloud. It is only fitting that the cloud continues to allow for greater storage capacity to meet the storage demands of the industry.

3. AWS Will Dominate Share of Cloud Revenue

AWS, Google, and Microsoft are expected to capture 76% of all cloud platform revenue in 2018, with this figure jumping to 80% of all revenue by 2020. However, AWS (Amazon Web Services) is in a league of its own with control of 35% of the market. With staggering growth quarter after quarter and an impressive offering of cloud computing services, we don’t expect this growth to slow down in 2018.

4. Cloud Adoption Rate Will Continue Steady Increase

The cloud has been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until 2016 that we saw a huge spike in cloud adoption. This can be attributed to adoption by several enterprises that were able to exemplify the many benefits the cloud holds. In just the past year, the cloud adoption rate increased a whopping 61%, and there is projected to be a 40% increase in cloud spending in 2018 according to the IDC Cloud Forecast.

5. Cloud Will Act as a Catalyst for IoT

Additionally, the cloud is positioning itself to be a catalyst for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT- driven devices experienced huge growth in in 2017, working to connect the items and devices we use every day. According to Gartner, there will be over 20 billion IoT devices by 2020. With so many devices to connect, we can infer that the cloud will play an important role in powering all of those IoT devices.

6. Increase in Container Use in Cloud

With app developers increasingly looking to develop in the cloud, they need to develop using multiple tools and platforms that can run in any infrastructure environment. Containers are being successfully utilized to accomplish this. By using containers to optimize app development, they can best be integrated into private and hybrid cloud environments to continue the quick innovation.

7. Hybrid Cloud Strategy Expected to Remain

In 2017 we saw the leaders in cloud - Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform and IBM all hone in on a strategy for hybrid cloud offerings. From the AWS partnership with VMware, to Oracle and IBM creating in-house hybrid cloud offerings, it is apparent that a focus on hybrid cloud strategy was a key part of positioning for 2018. These moves from the leaders in cloud illustrate the importance of a solid hybrid cloud strategy in 2018.

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