July 25, 2014
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With 58% of American adults owning a smartphone, according to Pew Research, most of us have felt that shock when our battery life reads five or 10 percent by lunchtime. I mean, how are we supposed to entertain ourselves the rest of the day? If you’re one of the many who just can’t get away from your Facebook notifications, then take a look at these six ways to conserve your iPhone’s battery life.

Check for email manually

One easy step to keep above 50% is to turn off push notifications on your email accounts. You should instead change the setting to manual so you will receive your email when you open the mail apps. Simply head to Settings-> Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> Fetch New Data-> switch Push to off and set Fetch to manually. This may not work for those of us who work remotely or need to know as soon as we get an email, but less notifications = more battery life.

Turn off Location Services and Frequent Locations

Location Services is another slow drain on the battery, but can do a lot of damage if an app is constantly pulling your location data. The best way to reduce the loss in battery life is to head to Settings-> Privacy-> Location Services to manage your location services. From there, you can either turn off all Location Services or manage each app individually. Plus, let’s be honest, does everyone really need to know where you are all day?

Disable Select Notifications

There are some apps that love to send you a bunch of needless notifications (Looking at you, Mint- I know when my account is low!). Depending on the amount of apps you have, these notifications can drag down your battery life. The best practice would be to turn off the app notifications you don’t need. Head to Settings-> Notification Center and scroll down to manage your notifications individually.

Close out Background App Refresh

With Background App Refresh, apps will update their information in the background and keep the phone active, which will reduce battery life. Go to Settings-> General-> Background App Refresh to shut it down globally across all apps or turn off select apps.

Disable auto brightness and and lower screen brightness

One of the biggest reasons for a dead iPhone battery is screen brightness. Disable auto brightness and manually lower the screen brightness to where you can still use your phone. Head to Settings-> Wallpaper & Brightness to adjust brightness levels and turn off auto brightness. You can also just swipe up on your iPhone from the bottom screen to pull up your brightness adjuster.

Disable automatic app updates

It’s best to turn off automatic app updates to preserve your battery. Apps and music will download and sync to your iPhone automatically and, whether it’s through WiFi or LTE/4G, it will still drain battery life significantly. Head to Settings-> iTunes & App Store to manage automatic app and music updates.

Consider an external battery pack

Image via Mophie

All these tips combined will keep your iPhone battery full and ready to get you through the day. If you take all these steps and still need the extra battery life (or you just really, really want all your notifications popping up all day), an external battery pack or a Mophie battery case might be the best option for you.

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