May 07, 2015
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If your business hasn’t implemented a technology standard for employees, then you’re behind the times. The potential of having a wired sales team go far beyond phone calls and text messaging. The world of mobile apps is in the palm of your hand, and a sales team equipped with the right skills can take their productivity from average to exceptional. Below we’ve highlighted 8 of the countless benefits a mobile-connected sales team can provide.

Have An On-the-Go Team

Mobilize efforts and stay in constant communication by having an interconnected team network where they can receive constant updates, no matter their location. An app can create the perfect system tailored to the needs of your sales teams, so they can access the most up to date and relevant information all in one place.

Business Automation

By selecting the right app, employees can streamline transaction coordination through the use of task assignments and deadline tracking. Having a complete transaction management system can allow for client engagement and more efficient customer service. Avoid misuse of your employees talents by creating a way to collect data that is generally filled through paperwork.

People Engagement

A more natural sale can arise when a team member uses an interactive app to showcase the company products and can easily lay a foundation for a trusting relationship with the client. App users can also maintain a database of leads, clients, employees, and any additional contacts all in one easy-to-use interface.

Analytical Insights

An app has the capability to provide detailed reporting that can be reviewed regularly to provide better planning, follow-up and collaboration in order to boost client relations and employee performance. An app can also indicate what area sales is lacking in, creating an opportunity for training to boost areas of low productivity.

Document Management

Documents can be uploaded and accessed from any device, any time or place, keeping the client process smooth and more efficient. This allows field employees easy access to critical information via a handheld mobile or tablet device. The needs of a client can be written down and sent as a proposal through the app, giving them a personalized experience.


Employees can customize the presentation of the company to the needs of a client, expanding the name of the brand and their capabilities. This gives you the ability to track how clients see your brand and adjust according to the majority of general comments that the sales team inputs.

Calendars and Events

Calendars are easily integrated into apps to allow users to easily coordinate events, schedule meetings and keep track of important dates. Enabling notifications or alerts will separate your team from other companies struggling to keep up.

Close the Deal

Investing in an app that provides your employees with mobile services can be the difference between a sale and a loss. The days of door-to-door sales are behind us. From planning to signing the deal with a finger swipe, the entire sales process can be streamlined utilizing mobile software.

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