April 18, 2016
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A report by Bloomberg states that a “secret team” within Apple is in the process of implementing paid search functionality within the App Store. Paid search would allow app developers to advertise their products on the App Store, enabling better search visibility for keywords related to their app’s features and functionality.

While app store advertising is not a new concept (see Google’s Play Store implementation of a similar service last July), the rollout would have huge implications not only to developers, but also Apple’s services business as a whole. During its most recent earnings call, Apple boasted its position as a $20 billion services company. Included in that number is the amount it pays out to developers, roughly $14 billion per year. The move to paid advertising within the app store would undoubtedly not only provide additional revenue in the space for Apple, but also provide developers with additional avenues to monetization – something many have been critical of Apple for in the past.

In terms of timeframe for the rollout, the company hasn’t confirmed any details up to this point, but some expect an announcement with the release of iOS 10.

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