August 20, 2012
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​For August, we have chosen NextDraft as our app of the month! NextDraft takes you into the mind of Dave Pell as he delivers a smart and whimsical summary of the day’s top 10 news stories. Each morning Pell sifts through 50 different news websites and plucks the 10 most interesting stories out of the sea of cluttered information we call the internet. While using the app, you are able to get a quick overview of what is going on today, read stories in an easy to read format, save articles with the one-click favorite reader tool, stay up to date with the day’s best viral videos/photos and always have a great story to tell while visiting the water cooler at work.

The reason why we like this app so much is because it is great for on-the-go updates about what is going on and provides some much needed comic relief during stressful work days. Also, if you find a story that is a must-share, you can easily tweet, message or email it out. We think that Craig Cohen, CEO of explains NextDraft perfectly when he said that “If the best of The New York Times, The Daily Show and Twitter were sucked into a black hole, Dave Pell’s NextDraft would come out the other side.”

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