April 13, 2015
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By Arvind Bala, Enola Labs

Finding things to do in your city or places you’re visiting isn’t difficult. Finding the right things to do is always a different story. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite apps that will help you find the best events and deals happening near you.

Deal Spotting

Deal Spotting provides coupons and promotions from local stores around you, online retailers, and large chains. This app also Includes deals on food around the area. What sets this app apart from most of the other local deals apps around is the ability for users to contribute. If you find a pretty sweet deal that you really think people ought to know about, you can post a “deal spotting” which other people can then see. The app is really useful for finding discounts and promotions for places that generally don’t show up on large retailing apps.

Like a Local

This app was designed specifically for tourists, to avoid being the quintessential tourist. With Like a Local, you are able to find the hidden gems in every city curated by people that actually live there. The app gives you the ability to find what is available around you at a specific time, even when you’re offline.

Time To Enjoy

Time To Enjoy is the perfect app to use when you don’t know what to do with all your free time. This app curates a list of events in your area that you can be filtered based on your availability. Independent event planners can also list their event on this app that is then searchable by all Time To Enjoy users.


Hooked is great for picking out where you’re going to grab lunch. The Hooked app offers “deals” that last for a specific amount of time that is decided by the business. All you have to do is show up at the register and show them that you’re “hooked” and the coupon/discount is automatically applied to the meal. The app works especially well during non-peak hours. *Currently only serves certain college campuses.

Free at (Free@)

This app definitely comes in handy during festivals, or whenever you’re visiting a city and want to find something to do without emptying your wallet. Free @T can help you find music, drinks, and food around your area that’s absolutely free! Free @t even gives users the ability to save events, see what artist is playing, locate where the event is held, and RSVP(if needed) straight from the app. The service is especially helpful during tourist times like Austin City Limits, or South By Southwest. Unfortunately the app is only currently available in Austin, but we like it so much, we thought we’d include it.