June 06, 2013
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Enterprise mobile apps have adapted over time to help facilitate users who work in an environment with higher workforce productivity. These mobile apps enable faster decision-making and provide access to real time data at the point of action. A recent study even found that the use of enterprise mobile apps can increase worker productivity by as much as 45 percent.

Real Estate Agents and Mobile Apps

It may come at a surprise that many of these mobile applications are used today by realtors across the country. If you think about it, a large portion of a realtor’s day is spent outside the office showing potential buyers homes, scouting for new properties, and meeting clients to sign paperwork. Their vehicle is used as a mobile office for the majority of the day, so, of course, they don’t have the luxury of a fax machine, printer, or a computer readily available to them. This makes tablets and smartphones a perfect tool for realtors to utilize throughout their daily routine.

Below, we highlight a couple of ways mobile devices can help with realtors daily tasks and the mobile apps that make it happen.

Apps Come in Handy

There have been many basic tasks that have been turned into applications for realtors to use in their daily activities and to answer any questions a client may have on the spot. Realtors face a number of questions when working with prospective buyers and with the right app they can seem better prepared and help improve their client’s overall experience.

What if a client wants to get an idea of the mortgage payment of the house they are showing? The realtor can use an app like Mortgage Calculator$ and give a figure in seconds.

Other applications that can help realtors answer those tough questions on the spot are apps such as Carpet Estimator and Fast Paint Calculator. There are those picky clients that may want to know every cost they may incur from a property before they buy. With these helpful apps a realtor can easily give a client an estimate on how much supplies will cost and the amount they need based on the dimensions of the specific room.

Productive Applications

Many simple enterprise apps add productivity value to realtors. Apps such as Dropbox and Remote Desktop are great examples. These apps help a realtor conveniently pull up valuable documents for a client on the spot, avoiding the “I can get that document for you when I get back to the office” line. Additionally using Fax Print & Share Pro, realtors can print, scan, or fax documents instantly. Other basic apps that have been repurposed by realtors include the popular note-taking app Evernote or the more efficient audio recorder Dragon Dictation. These useful apps have been adopted by realtors to help keep track of important information and notes while interacting with a client.

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise applications are designed to help facilitate a user’s work experience. Allowing the user to have the right application, with the right information, at the right time leads to not only productivity gains, but more importantly, better customer experience. These apps are changing the way we live today. Enterprise mobile applications are perfect for the casual user who wants to facilitate a few tasks, or for that seasoned professional who depends on them for their daily assignments. We all live in a fast paced environment, so utilizing enterprise applications has the ability to make it a bit easier on us.