November 26, 2011
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​According to a Yankee Group survey titled Anywhere Enterprise–Large: U.S. Mobility and Applications Survey:

“Employees spend more time away from their primary office than you might think. While heavy business travel is restricted to a minority of employees (only 11 percent spend more than 20 percent of their work week traveling for business), employees have a host of other reasons to spend time away from their office and colleagues. On average, 21 percent of employees’ work week is spent away from their primary work location (not including the daily commute), and that number rises to 37 percent for executives.”

The survey found that mobility devices and applications are frequently provided to senior management found that enterprise mobility can:

  • Increase field selling time = 28 percent
  • Eliminate redundant activities = 27 percent
  • Increase win rates = 26 percent
  • Reduce sales calls costs = 25 percent
  • Increase forecast accuracy = 25 percent
  • Decrease administrative time = 24 percent
  • Decrease sales cycle = 23 percent

Enterprise mobile applications offer tremendous ROI by allowing critical applications to be accessible by your staff anytime/anywhere. Mobile applications, focused on the operations and sales aspect of the company offer tremendous opportunity to streamline business processes The design of Enterprise apps require the ability to connect to your existing applications, high availability, and strong security.

Has your organization created an enterprise mobile strategy?