February 14, 2019
Alexandra Bohigian

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Hiring software developers is one of the greatest challenges organizations will face in 2019. In highly competitive tech-centric cities, it often feels like there is not enough tech talent to go around.

The truth is, there isn’t.

Enola Labs has proven success in hiring senior engineers when we have the need. In fact, we have even helped our clients to build the engineering teams they require to scale their business. If your business is struggling to hire technical talent, our engineer-led staff augmentation may be the answer to your hiring woes.

How do we do it?

We have a diverse network of senior engineers in the U.S. who we draw upon to help our customers build leading technical teams.

  • We meet to identify your technical hiring needs
  • We draw upon our network to identify good fits for your open roles
  • Our engineers lead the entire screening and interview process, presenting you with a funnel of candidates for each role.
  • We don’t own any engineers. You can directly hire any engineer if a mutual fit is established.

Leading companies in the U.S. have leveraged our engineer-led staff augmentation services. Contact us today to discuss your technical hiring needs