December 01, 2017
Alexandra Bohigian

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Moving to Austin without a job lined up? Working in Austin but ready for a change? If so, you are probably wondering how to find a tech job in Austin. Austin, Texas is full of opportunity, but like any city, it may feel tough to get your foot in the door. Here are some insider tips for finding a job in Austin within the technology industry (that don’t involve spending endless hours on LinkedIn and Indeed).

Attend a Meetup

There is no shortage of tech industry meetups and happy hours in Austin. Head over to to find industry related meetups you can attend throughout your job search. These will allow you to meet new people and discover learning opportunities in tech, all while sharpening your networking and tech skills. Here are the best groups that will be worth your time:

  • Austin Forum on Technology and Society - Hosting monthly events for technology professionals, the Austin Forum meetups typically involve a presentation on a technology topic by a subject matter expert, followed by a reception.
  • Austin Health Technology Forum - The healthcare technology scene in Austin is bustling. This meetup group is a platform for people interested in how technology can impact health care and outcomes, and regularly features panels by subject matter experts and entrepreneurs in the health tech space.
  • General Assembly Austin - This meetup group offers educational-focused sessions on specific technology topics. General Assembly would be an excellent group to join if you are looking to enter the tech industry with no prior experience.
  • Austin TechBreakfast - This monthly meetup offers attendees free breakfast while various tech startups and entrepreneurs “show and tell” their latest projects. TechBreakfast is great for getting a pulse of the tech scene in town and meeting new people.

At networking events, you never know who you may run into. The people at these events will most likely have jobs in the tech industry and may be able to connect you to the right opportunity. In Austin, connections play a huge role in one’s ability to secure a job, so start expanding your network by attending some of these popular events:

  • CreativeMornings - With the motto “everyone is creative”, you will meet everyone from local musicians to CEOs at this monthly event.
  • BossBabesATX - Designed for women in various industries to meet and connect, these networking events feature announcements from business owners.
  • Austin Young Chamber of Commerce: As the fastest growing young professionals organization in Central Texas, AYC has regular networking events and professional development seminars.
  • Austin Tech Happy Hour - A monthly happy hour event for the technology community in Austin.
  • Bumble Bizz - Headquartered in Austin, the popular dating app Bumble now has a networking feature. Switch to “Bizz” mode to connect with potential mentors and career opportunities near you.
  • WeWork Events - WeWork is a coworking space with offices around the world, including a few here in Austin. Check out the various events they host throughout the month to find the right networking opportunity to fit your needs.
  • Capital Factory Events - Capital Factory is a coworking space and startup accelerator based in Austin. They regularly host tech-focused networking and educational events.

You probably won’t find your dream job by mindlessly sending in generic online applications, but you may find one by connecting directly with hiring managers online and utilizing some of the unique online platforms Austin has to offer. Here are the online job sites you should absolutely be on:

  • Austin Digital Jobs - ADJ is a Facebook group where hiring managers local to Austin post jobs they are hiring for, often before they post them to other job sites. Users have the advantage of directly connecting with the job poster through Facebook.
  • Built In Austin - Built in Austin is a hub for Austin startups and tech companies who are hiring. You can also use this site for Austin startup news and trends to stay proactive in your search.
  • Austin Freelance Gigs - AFG is another Facebook group where Austinites can find local freelance job opportunities directly from the recruiter or hiring manager. The freelance economy is a great place to get short-term work while you wait for the perfect full time tech opportunity, and it may very well turn into a full time gig.
  • Austin Chronicle Classifieds - The Austin Chronicle has made their newspaper’s classified section modern, allowing job seekers to discover local opportunities with ease.

Get your face directly in front of recruiters at a local job fair. Job fairs are the best way to connect with hiring managers face-to-face and show that you are more than a name on a piece of paper. Here are some of the best job fair events to check out around town:

  • Austin Digital Jobs Fair - A free mixer several times a year for people to come meet local companies that are in need of talent in the digital space. Many of these companies do on-the-spot interviews.
  • Capital Factory - Capital Factory hosts a startup job fair for individuals interested in a career or internship within Austin’s bustling startup scene.
  • Austin Startup Week - An annual week-long event where individuals go from startup to startup in Austin to learn more about their companies and talk with employees. This can be leveraged for job seekers looking to speak with hiring managers and explore the startup scene.
  • University of Texas Career Fairs - If you happen to be a UT student or alumni, definitely take advantage of the career services offered through UT. They offer career fairs throughout the semester to get you connected to local tech companies specifically interested in students and alumni of the University of Texas.

If you are in tech, make a list of companies that are doing interesting work within the space. Start a conversation with thought leaders in the company (through LinkedIn or the contact page on their website) to see if they are in need of your skills. Tech companies in Austin are hungry for the right talent, and being proactive in your search will put you ahead of the competition. Here are some of the top tech companies to connect with:

  • Amazon - Amazon has an Austin office working on some very interesting projects within the technology space. Keep up-to-date with job openings and try to connect with someone on the Austin team.
  • Homeaway - With headquarters located in the heart of Downtown Austin, Homeaway is a huge employer in the tech community. The online vacation rental booking company is continuing to grow and offer exciting opportunities to their team.
  • Aristocrat - A big name in gaming technology, Aristocrat is always expanding their workforce of professionals interested in gaming development.
  • Whole Foods - Whole Foods is headquartered in Austin and was recently acquired by Amazon. While a grocery store is not a conventional tech company, Whole Foods has been rolling out some interesting tech integrations into the shopping experience and is always growing their tech team.
  • Enola Labs Software - Enola Labs is working on a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from custom software development to AWS migration to health technology.

Here are some additional tips for your Austin-area tech job search that should help you along the way:

  • The Austin tech scene is relatively casual. There is typically no need to wear a suit or formal attire to networking events or interviews. Always take into consideration the specific role and company you are interviewing at, as more corporate environments may be more traditional.
  • Be authentic and be yourself. Austin companies care strongly about culture fit. If you want to find the right fit, be honest about your career goals in tech. Hiring managers want to know your goals and passions, so being yourself will only help you in the long run.
  • Have a resume and portfolio ready. A well-designed portfolio/website and resume can give you a competitive edge in the tech sector.

Good luck finding your dream tech job in Austin, we’re rooting for you!