August 18, 2015
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Utilize online databases

Several databases online provide users with a wealth of information on app development companies. A lot of times you will look for partners in your local area, as in-person interactions with your team tend to be beneficial to the development process. Another item to look at are previous projects and company reviews. Some sites, like Clutch or Upcity, provide a full list of companies, by location and reviews from previous clients that will give meaningful insights prior to choosing a partner.

Talk to other local businesses

Typically local companies, especially those in the technology industry, will have utilized local development or design shops for various projects. If they haven’t, chances are word still gets around pretty quickly on exactly who is working on the larger software projects in your area. Simply ask your network for recommendations on how to find app developers near me.

Talk to local developers

Local developers aren’t difficult to find. Try Linkedin or Typically you’ll find that most of them are more than happy to provide insight on some of the local companies that specialize in app development. Sometimes, they even work as contractors or consultants with these companies and can provide inside knowledge no one else can.

Find a technical partner (CTO as a service)

Hiring a technical partner to help with putting an engineering plan in place as well as vetting local app developers is a perfect option for those founders or project managers who tend to be a bit behind the technology curve as it relates to their specific app’s requirements. A good technical partner will know the in’s and out’s of not only how to find great developers, but more importantly, how to ensure they are the right people for your job.

Good Old-Fashioned Google Search

If all else fails (or even a good place to start your search) go to Google. Simply type in app development company and your city and see what comes up. Typically you will get a slew of some of the better shops in town that can help make your idea a reality. Make sure you review their portfolio to get a feel for their previous work and see if it aligns with your project specifics.

Learning how to find an app development company is only half the battle. Understanding why they are the right parter, asking them the right questions and being well prepared before even beginning your search are even more critical. Be sure to do your research early to set yourself up for longterm success.

To learn more about early stage strategies for your mobile app, our app development checklist white paper is available for download here.