May 24, 2013
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With soaring adoption of smartphone and tablet usage over the past 3 years, companies have been forced to take a hard look at how they can utilize this emerging trend to connect enterprise systems and employees. Unfortunately with the speed in which these technologies change and many company’s lack of internal resources to manage these changes, far too many enterprise mobile application strategies are being abandoned after rigorous planning or not even being started at all.

Here are a few areas to consider when implementing a successful enterprise mobile strategy:

Employee productivity correlated with mobile connectivity

This is an easy one; the more connected an employee is to your company’s critical information systems the better equipped they are to handle difficult problems or help customers. Imagine you are an insurance representative inspecting someone’s recently damaged roof. Having the ability to utilize your tablet and smartphone to take care of everything from damage photos to system logging to estimate checking all in one simple to use device and app-enabled interface can save enormous amounts of time and wasted money spent on old technologies like digital cameras and calculators. Simply put, connecting your employees to each other and your internal critical systems increases productivity and brings your organization into the current realities of the technology landscape.

Mobile Security

Having your employees connected is one thing; having them connected the right way is another. Before implementing your strategy, you should have a clear understanding of your security protocols. Some key questions to ask yourself are: what happens when an employee who is connected to sensitive company information systems resigns or is terminated? and what steps and processes are taken when a device is stolen or lost?

How to Make Your Enterprise App Idea a Reality

Having a partner with extensive experience and knowledge of the industry is key; someone who can help you stay ahead of the technology curve will save you time and money. Obviously finding a development company with deep knowledge of enterprise mobility is the first step, but the second is making sure you have a firm that understands your needs. A few questions you should ask yourself in preparation to meeting with a enterprise development partner are: What exactly am I trying to accomplish? What are my security concerns? What in-app features would I like to see? Should this application be native or a web app? How many devices will these applications be deployed to?

Doing your research is key. This will save you time and money when you get to the critical step of sitting down with a development company that can turn your ideas into reality.