May 02, 2016
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Jira is a tracking system developed over a decade ago by Atlassian. The software provides PM’s and developers with a host of features including bug tracking, issue tracking, and countless project management functions. Software product companies as well as custom developers alike often utilize Jira to track project progress and improve communication between team members.

For companies working with remote teams that aren’t always on-site to provide feedback in person, using JIRA’s “Activity Stream” gadget/macro can help bridge that gap. By creating a JIRA Dashboard, you can quickly setup a go-to place for your team to review feedback each morning before tackling the day’s tasks. Below, we highlight a quick overview on how to setup Jira’s activity stream communication dashboard so you can improve feedback with your remote team throughout your project’s development.

Step 1: On your JIRA Dashboard click on “Add Gadget” and then click the “Activity Stream” gadget.

Step 2: Now on the gadget/macro settings screen click “Add a global filter”.

Step 3: Choose “Project”, “is”, and in the free text field the name of the project you want to track.

Step 4: Now next to the global filter you just created click the + button to add another global filter.

Step 5: This time choose “Username”, “is”, and in the free text field the person who’s comments you want to track. (Note: Usernames are case sensitive and must be an exact match - to find a username just click on their name anywhere you see it in any JIRA ticket)

Step 6: Now move to the section called “Available Streams” and uncheck every available stream except JIRA.

Step 7: Click “add filter”

Step 8: Select “Activity”, “is”, and “Comment added”.

Step 9: Click “Save” (inside the edit window - not the macro window) and you’re done.

You should now see a list of comments made by the user you’ve selected grouped chronologically by date. Now you have one place to visit to see every comment that user makes in the JIRA project you specified!

Keep in mind this only works if you are putting all of your comments in JIRA, however this is typically best practice to avoid buried feedback in email or Instant messenger. Ideally this gadget/macro could use any query that the JQL search can understand, but until that happens the filters are limited.