August 20, 2018
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Six Steps to Web Application Development

Web application development for any business can have a huge impact on business processes and efficiencies. If your business or entity is in the beginning stages of building a web application, it is important to understand the steps that will be involved to ensure a smooth development process. As experts in Austin web app development, the team at Enola Labs Software has put together this handy infographic and details on what to expect during the web app development process.

Step One: Set Your Goals

Think about the problem you want your web app to solve, and what advantages it would have over off the shelf solutions available. Start by outlining the simple needs and goals of your business, and build out from that. Some projects can be done for $30,000, but others require a budget upwards of $200k. Ask yourself, has it been done before? And if it has, can you make it better?

Step Two: Define Your Audience

Even as the demand for mobile development continues to increase drastically, web app development is still incredibly relevant, especially when it comes to meeting specific business needs. Your finished product should make the users’ lives easier in some way. Create a persona for your ideal customer(s). What would they find visually appealing? What functionalities would make the app easy for them to navigate?

Step Three: Choose A Development Partner

Choosing a development partner that understands your goals and timelines is one of the most important decisions in the web app development process. Assess a software development company’s experience, and if that experience is relevant to your needs.

How many ongoing business relationships does the company have? Does their portfolio include projects similar to yours? If you’re outsourcing to a different region, look at aspects such as cultural compatibility and communication ability. If the team is not based in the US, different time zones and lapses in communication and timelines might be an issue. Choose a partner that shares your enthusiasm for the project and listens to your ideas and business needs, while also providing valuable subject matter expertise for your project.

Step Four: Create A Summary Document with Technical Specs

Start by sketching out your app’s UI, and then plan out the flow. A website or web app is often the first impression a consumer has of your company. If it’s not visually appealing, your potential user will go somewhere else. What are the prerequisites for your web app? You’ll most likely need a database and a database language. You’ll need to have some basic DevOps knowledge for deployment. If you have a smaller budget, you might have to prioritize some features over others. The right web app development partner will be able to walk you through this entire process, or manage it from start to finish.

Step Five: Specify Web App Structure and Time Frame

Can you deliver quality results within the given time frame? Will the app require both front-end and back-end development? What development language will you be using? Web app structure includes how elements such as static HTML, client-side files like CSS and Javascript, and external libraries will interact with each other. A good foundation is imperative for expanding your app later on and supporting the environment in the future.

Step Six: QA Testing and Bug Fixing

Write tests before coding an individual feature. It’s a lot easier to break everything down into smaller steps, and build up to the bigger elements. QA Testing includes evaluating app functionality, usability, interface, database, and compatibility. Does that button do what you want it to? Is your web app optimized for different screen sizes? At Enola Labs, our best practice is to perform QA from the beginning of the development phase all the way through release. This ensures there are no huge bugs at the end of the project, and keeps timelines on track.

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