March 01, 2012
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​We’re so excited for the release of our new eco-friendly app, Make Change, Not Waste that we thought we’d share one of our favorite green apps to celebrate. Meet iRecycle, an app from, that boasts 1,500,000+ ways to reduce waste and improve your green lifestyle. With the newest version coming out this May, iRecycle is sure to be your new go-to consultant for recycling locations and tips.

IRecycle offers two main functions: finding recycling locations near you (or at any area you specify), and providing the latest news on recycling with original content posted by Might we add that it not only finds recycling locations for paper, plastic and the usual, but for more than 300 materials, including obscure items like chemistry sets, hairspray and floppy disks (let’s face it, you’ll never use those again). The app then provides details such as the website, phone number, directions, hours of operation and any other materials that are collected onsite.

With the option to share your recycling searches and articles on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll finally have an easy way to let Uncle Ed iknow where he can give up his old chemistry sets and stop setting the kitchen on fire.

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