April 18, 2014
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​On Thursday April 17th, Enola Labs CTO Marcus Turner presented a webinar on the shift to mobile workforces. The webinar was hosted by the E-Learning Council and Texas Department of Information Resources as a learning tool for business managers to understand the necessity of a digital strategy when mobilizing employees within their organizations.

Marcus spent the hour fielding questions and discussing strategies regarding how industries are successfully implementing their mobile workforce initiatives. In the past, mobile workforce strategies typically involved employees who spent the majority of their time away from their desktops. Today, you are seeing a shift to strategies that enable all employees within the organization to take advantage of the improvements and convenience new technologies provide. Marcus explained, “Mobile devices have always meant anytime, anywhere workers. Today, rather than thinking of how to utilize mobile as a tool to enable your typical deskless worker, think of how to utilize these technologies to allow increased productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and enablement between your entire organization.”

Marcus has touched on enabling the mobile workforce on several occasions on our blog and his webinar is available below. To learn more about how to develop plans to mobilize your organization, Enola Labs offers free 15 minute strategy sessions. Contact us today.