September 24, 2011
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​Back in 1999, we started a web development company, with the idea that it shouldn’t cost 5 figures to launch a website. Back then, there really weren’t templates and simple build software programs like there are today. Over the past decade, a lot has changed. Websites are a dime a dozen, and everyone has one (I know pets that have them!) Getting information on places and things is just a click away. I honestly can’t remember how we would do job searches for companies at the LIBRARY, and find a way to do that effectively? I feel old telling my kids the way it “used” to be, when “used to” was less than 2 decades ago. Crazy!

Now, we’re in the new age of mobile. What we’re seeing in this market, is in line with the Jetson’s. Imagine being able to link your phone or tablet to your television… Have the thing you make calls from double as a projector… Sit on the train or back seat of a car and watch TV shows and movies on a 4 inch screen… For anyone that’s been in a cave for even the past 2 years, the technology that’s available today is mind blowing.

If you have a website and you’re not mobile compatible, you need to ask yourself, “why not?” What do I mean by mobile compatible? I don’t mean that you need to have a mobile app, or be working on the release of the next Angry Birds, but what I do mean is that your business and even personal sites need to be easily accessible in this new medium. Mobile isn’t just about platform, it’s about what people are doing… They’re moving and conducting business. They’re in their car and Googling. If they find you, and can’t easily see your site, how long do you expect them to stay there? The state of the web is changing daily, and this is the new technology platform. Just like you can’t wear your iceskates to go running to school, don’t fall back on the fact that just because your site looks good in one medium, it’s an excuse as to why you don’t have to get it to look good in what’s more mainstream. Mobile is the mainstream and here to stay… at least for a good while.