October 16, 2012
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​As the weather is finally turning colder here in Austin, we’re feeling the need to feast on warm delicious food. Recently, our savior has been the free app Foodgawker, which is why we’re choosing to feature this fun app for the app of month this October!

As this month’s biggest holiday entails eating masses of sweets, it’s great to take a night or two a week to cook a hearty meal (although they have plenty of sweets as well, like the one featured below). Foodgawker is a great recipe finding tool for cooking at any level, as it features all different skill levels of recipes. We can’t say enough how much we love m-learning! Foodgawker is a great tool to prop up on your kitchen counter while you prepare a fantastic meal for the family.

Foodgawker gives you the option to search for specific foods, or to browse the most “gawked” at or “favorite” foods. It has a share feature as well, so while you might not be a master chef, you can forward it to those in the family who are in hopes that they’ll include you when the meal is ready. The app includes beautiful high quality photos for every recipe- in fact, you can’t look at it for more than 15 seconds without hearing your stomach growl. We’ll put $20 on it.

For those of you eating Jimmy John’s on the daily, we encourage you to try learning something new, all with the aid of mobile. We haven’t found a bad recipe yet!