April 21, 2017
Alexandra Bohigian

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Telemedicine Hardware-Connected Application Connects Physicians to Eye Care Specialists

AUSTIN, TX - Austin-based development company Enola Labs and Dallas-based startup Insight Optics, Inc. have released the OptoView iOS application to the app store. This HIPAA and HEDIS compliant telemedicine application connects primary care providers (PCPs) to local eye care specialists for assisted retinal screenings. As of today, only 50% of the 71 million patients currently at risk for preventable vision loss go on to receive their recommended annual exam.

How it Works

In conjunction with a handheld ophthalmoscope and compatible smartphone camera, PCPs will be able to conveniently capture raw HD images and videos of the retina. This digital retinal exam will be sent to a local eye care specialist in the OptoView network for relevant findings and follow-up reporting. The goal of this product is to ensure patients who are at a high-risk for preventable vision loss are properly examined by their primary care provider without having to make a separate appointment with a specialist.

About Insight Optics

Alarmed by the number of people who lose sight each year due to eye conditions that are completely preventable, the founders of Insight Optics tasked themselves with finding a way to ensure more people receive the
vision-saving care they need. Utilizing a smartphone-compatible ophthalmoscope, primary care physicians now have a portable, affordable solution to ensure their patients are properly screened. Insight Optics believes the release of the OptoView app will make eye care a regular part of every primary care appointment.

Developed in Austin, TX

The OptoView Application was developed in Austin, Texas in conjunction with Enola Labs. Enola Labs is a software development and consultancy leader focused on the growing healthcare and healthtech space. Enola Labs is proud to have partnered with Insight Optics for the development of this HIPAA compliant iOS application, and looks forward to similar projects in telemedicine in order to make healthcare more convenient, affordable, and accessible in the United States.


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