September 20, 2012
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​Still wondering about the impact an app can make?

Each associate will get a personalized real estate app to promote themselves and their listings to their clients/potential clients. For example, if an agent has an open house, they can put a link or QR code on their promotional materials that will lead users to download their app. Additionally, if the agent’s website is accessed from a mobile device, a message will appear to prompt the viewer to download the app. Every time the app is downloaded, the customer’s contact info will be sent to the agent as a lead. The app will allow users to search for homes on-the-go, as well as keeping their search exclusive to that agent. If an agent can get a client to search for realty through their app, the customer’s focus will stay on the particular agent, as no other agents are advertised on the app.

Keller Williams Realty, the second-largest residential real estate company in the U.S., recently made the big announcement that all of its 78,000 associates will be receiving their own personal mobile real estate app. This groundbreaking piece of news, released at Mega Camp, a convention for realty professionals that reveals the latest tips and trends for success, is huge for the realty associates who will be affected by it.

Keller Williams is one of the first to realize that mobile is the future of real estate; the new apps will really put Keller Williams associates ahead of the competition. Any steps taken to facilitate the search of a product through a mobile device will increase customer satisfaction and retention. Keller Williams will definitely keep more customers working with their associates if they can easily access the real estate app on their mobile device at their convenience.

Mobile Statistics in Real Estate:

  • Record numbers of homes are being viewed by mobile devices, and smartphone sales have overtaken PC sales
  • Mobile users may be more aggressive decision makers, three times more likely than desktop users to contact a real estate professional following their mobile search
  • 46% of people believe mobile is essential in the home search process
  • Smartphone users are 3 times more likely to initiate contact than desktop users

Keller Williams’ new real estate apps for their associates stand out from competitors because it’s not just a corporate app, but it is personalized to each specific agent with their branding and contact information. The crowd at Mega Camp was told “YOUR app, YOUR leads” to emphasize the difference.

Companies that provide home services have found that introducing technology into their core business can lead to efficiency gains in service offerings and team communication. By utilizing apps and mobile devices, teams are transforming the way they operate and improving customer relationships.