September 01, 2012
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‚ÄčLong gone are the days of attempting to search the latest Justin Bieber music video and coming up with a home-produced version of someone’s untalented child belting the song out instead. Google released a new YouTube app just days before the release of Apple’s new iOS 6, which no longer includes its pre-installed version of YouTube. As Apple is not renewing its expired license with YouTube, this news is great for iPhone users who still want to access YouTube in other ways than the mobile site.

The new YouTube app is our app of the month for several reasons. The first noticeable difference is the sleeker design; a quick swipe to the right gives users quick access to a menu that features a subscription manager, popular videos, and categories to search within. After searching for a video, users will find that tens of thousands of additional videos (including major label music videos) can now be viewed through the app, thanks to advertising, which wasn’t allowed on the previous Apple-designed app. Additionally, there are now new options for sharing with friends, like Facebook and Google+.

Of course, one of the main reasons we love it is simply because we love YouTube, and now it’s much more integrated into mobile (which we also love). While this may have other implications for Apple and Google, as it’s likely a result of tension between the two, it’s great for users of iPhones because they get a much improved app out of the deal.

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