June 03, 2015
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Earlier this week, Enola Labs released the Texas Historical Landmarks Apple Watch App. The watch app is an extension of the Texas Landmarks Mobile App we released over a year ago that gives users access to detailed historical information from over 14,000 historical markers designated by the Texas Historical Commission.

“The new Apple Watch extension now allows watch users to locate nearby historical landmarks and pull detailed info about their history right from their wrists,” says Matt Thompson Senior iOS Engineer at Enola Labs. “It was a feature our mobile app users loved and we are excited to be able to give them even easier access to our state’s rich history.”

The Texas Historical Landmarks app provides an easy-to-use map interface that allows users to pinpoint historical landmarks close to them, view photos and detailed marker descriptions, retrieve driving directions to each marker, keep a tally of the landmarks they have visited, and even record photos at each visited historic site. While traveling, users even have the ability to receive notifications anytime they are nearing a landmark. The new Apple Watch Extension is Free for all premium app users.

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