August 27, 2013
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On August 24th, The Austin American Statesman presented a featured story on one of Enola Labs’ most recently updated mobile apps - Texas Historical Landmarks. The newest version of the Texas Historical Landmarks App was made available on July 22nd and has received very positive feedback since its release.

About The Texas Historical Landmarks iPhone App

The Texas Historical Landmarks App aggregates Texas’ historical markers in an easy-to-use mobile application. The app is packed with features that include: viewing over 14,000 markers within an easy to use map interface, detailed Texas facts associated with the landmark, the ability to “favorite” specific historical markers, quickly jot personal notes and specific features you found most appealing, and you can even have the app alert you when you’re approaching a landmark.

About Enola Labs

Enola Labs Software is a recognized leader in technical architecture, cloud-enablement, legacy modernization and custom software development services including web applications, mobile applications, and all the latest underlying technologies. We are a trusted technology partner for Fortune 200 and startup companies alike serving in numerous capacities across multiple verticals.