April 30, 2018
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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1.Say Hello to the New Gmail

Google released the largest update to Gmail in years, full of a ton of new features that have been long requested by users. The most notable features include a “snooze” option for emails, confidential mode, Google calendar widgets, and the highly anticipated “self destructing” email option.

2. Amazon Will Now Deliver Packages to Your Car’s Trunk

For consumers seeking more convenience, and in an effort to reduce package theft, Amazon has rolled out a new delivery option for prime customers in major cities. Amazon Key In-Car will allow customers with newer GM and Volvo cars to receive Amazon deliveries to their cars. Delivery drivers will be able to unlock these cars (when integrated with an app by the consumer) and leave the package inside.

3. AWS on Path to More HIPAA Compliant Features

AWS sees a lot of potential for advancement in healthcare technology, which is why they have continued rolling out HIPAA compliant or HIPAA eligible features. This month, Amazon Polly was released. Amazon Polly allows developers to create apps that are speech-enabled and is now an AWS HIPAA Eligible Service.

4. AI Business Value to Reach $4 Trillion by 2022

According to business analyst firm Gartner, the value of artificial intelligence is expected to reach a whopping $4 Trillion over the next five years, and a 70% growth in 2018 compared to just last year. A large source of this business value increase will be attributed to customer experience tools.

5. Things to Consider Before Adopting a New Social Media Platform

The marketing team at Enola Labs weighed in on Forbes about considerations a company should make before investing time and resources into a new social platform. With new platforms popping up frequently, it can be a huge waste of time setting up profiles that do not derive any value. Use our advice to determine where your business needs to be present.

That’s all for this month. As always, contact Enola Labs Software if you have a project you would like to discuss.