December 22, 2017
Alexandra Bohigian

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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. U.S. Pointing Blame at North Korea for WannaCry Attack

The United States has gathered enough evidence to support their assertion that North Korea is to blame for the series of massive WannaCry ransomware attacks that took place in 2017. This attack affected more than 300,000 computers in over 150 countries. North Korea has denied any involvement in the attack and the U.S. has not yet released the exact evidence they have against North Korea.

2. Experts Reveal Health Tech Predictions for 2018

With innovation in health tech expected to continue full speed ahead in 2018, Enola Labs gathered predictions from the industry’s leading experts to get an idea of what we can expect. Predictions include a growth in telehealth, enhanced cybersecurity efforts, the commercialization of blockchain-based solutions in healthcare, and customer-centric patient care.

3. Holiday Shopping Was Highly Digital in 2017

Online sales boomed in November and December as many consumers turned to their computers and mobile devices to get shopping done, rather than face the crowds in shopping centers. While in-store traffic was down about 2%, it is expected that Cyber Monday brought in a staggering $6 Billion in digital sales.

4. Apple Admits to Slowing Down iPhones

After much speculation by consumers, Apple has admitted that they made changes to the iOS to manage the aging of batteries in customer’s phones. Lithium Ion batteries degrade over time, so when they hit a certain level of degradation the iPhone is programmed to slow down to help conserve battery life. Consumers are angry that they weren’t told of this sooner, as a battery replacement is an easy fix for the issue when compared to buying a new phone.

5. MIT Releases List of Top 10 Technology Breakthroughs of 2017

With so much innovation in the technology world in 2017, it is hard to pinpoint what the greatest breakthroughs were throughout the year. As the New Year is just around the corner, MIT covered the top 10 technology breakthroughs in 2017. The list includes self-driving trucks, practical quantum computers, and 360-degree selfies.

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