December 20, 2018
Alexandra Bohigian

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2018 is coming to a close. To wrap up the year, here are the latest headlines in tech you need to know.

1. Apple Announces $1 Billion Austin, TX Campus

In an announcement that took the city by surprise, Apple will be adding a $1 Billion campus to Austin, Texas. The campus could eventually employ over 15,000 people. It is expected to be built very close to the existing Apple offices in the city, expanding the tech giant’s footprint in North Austin.

2. Google Launches AI Project to Screen for Diabetic Eye Disease

An Artificial Intelligence project that will aim to screen for diabetic eye disease is being launched by Google in Thailand. As tech companies push to shine AI in a more positive and helpful light, this AI project was found to have a 95% accuracy in detecting eye disease. These findings are impressive, considering opticians have a 74% accuracy rate.

3. YouTube is Attempting to Tackle Spam, Affecting Subscriber Numbers

In an effort to limit spam, YouTube will be conducting a massive sweep to remove spam accounts. Youtube wants people to prepare for a decline in subscriber numbers, particularly YouTube partners who are found to have a high percentage of spam followers in an attempt to make their channel appear more popular. Those users will no longer be eligible for the Youtube Partner Program, along with anyone who’s subscribers fall below 1000.

4. Software Trends to Expect in 2019

Enola Labs has you covered when it comes to software trends to expect in 2019. By keeping an eye on trends—particularly trends that have slowly gained steam over a few years, you will have a better feel for what to think about when considering your next software project.

5. Is Location Data Selling Threatening Your Privacy?

In a new report, researchers tested a variety of iOS and Android apps to learn more about how they are selling location data and if it is actually a threat to one’s privacy. It raises questions about the ethics of location data selling, and if consumers need to be made more aware of what is being tracked when they opt-in to location sharing.

Now is a great time to start planning software projects and technical team growth for 2019. Contact Enola Labs today to schedule a discussion with our technical leadership.

From all of us at Enola Labs, we hope you have a very happy New Year.