February 23, 2018
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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. Cyber Attack Takes Place During Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Officials confirm that a cyber attack did in fact take place during the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics. Internet access and WiFi shut down, and attendees of the games were also impacted as they could not access the website for the games to print out their tickets.

2. Google Chrome Launches Default Ad Blocker

Do you hate it when a full page ad blocks your entire screen when visiting a website? Or when an automatic video ad starts playing? So does Google. Google will be giving sites 30 days to remove these “disruptive” ads before blocking them on the Chrome browser—which is used on around 60% of desktop computers and mobile devices.

3. SpaceX Successfully Test Launches Falcon Heavy

Earlier this month, SpaceX launched their first test flight, Falcon Heavy. This rocket launched into space, carrying a Tesla Roadster payload. The launch was successful, paving the way for future flights that can carry humans to the moon and possibly Mars.

4. Drone Tracking Technology is Officially Unveiled

Mobile phone company, Vodaphone, has been working with European officials to create a drone tracking technology that would make drones visible to air traffic control. The drone operator and authorized officials will be able to force a drone to land or return to the operator if it approaches excluded zones (such as airports and prisons).

5. Apple Watch is Believed to Detect Diabetes With 85% Accuracy

In a new clinical study this month, it was found that the Apple Watch on your wrist can in fact detect diabetes with a surprisingly high accuracy. They believe this information can be utilized to help people who are prediabetic in getting a diagnosis and making healthy changes.

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