July 30, 2018
Alexandra Bohigian

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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. Physical Keys May be the Secret to Online Security

The key to online security is a physical key, Google has found. Back in early 2017, the company implemented a security protocol among its 85,000+ employees that required a physical USB key to serve as authentication when logging into a company account. The result has been absolutely zero phishing attempts on any employee account since the implementation. Could this be the future for companies dealing with sensitive data?

2. Ford to Invest a Massive $4B in Self-Driving Vehicle Unit

Everyone is talking about self-driving cars, and Ford wants to have a stake in the game. Following a similar move by competitor GM, Ford is investing in the vehicles because they believe the autonomous technology will eventually center around a few key players. The company will invest $4B through 2023, and hopes to bring in third-party investors.

3. Google Wants to Bring Blockchain Technology to Cloud Services

Google has announced a partnership with blockchain-focused company, Digital Asset. This partnership will enable cloud customers to explore ways they might use distributed ledger technology frameworks. Google developers will have “access to a proprietary programming language for smart contracts”, and Google Cloud will help Digital Asset reach a wider audience.

4. Sign Language Hack Allows Alexa to Respond to Sign Language Gestures

As voice recognition continues to lead us into the future, AI experts must also consider users that cannot hear or speak. Developer Abhishek Singh has created an app which enables Amazon Echo to interpret and respond to American Sign Language. Similar attempts have previously been made, but the challenge of getting devices to simultaneously understand vision and language remains.

5. Insights Technology Executives Can Learn From Customers

Is it beneficial to have executives of technology companies involved in lower-level customer concerns? Some of the leading technology executives believe these customer insights can actually help executives better lead their companies. Our CTO, Marcus Turner, weighed in for Forbes Technology Council on this topic.

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