June 25, 2018
Alexandra Bohigian

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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. New iPhone Update to Curb Time Spent on Your iPhone

Most people will openly admit they are at least a little bit addicted to their mobile device. In the upcoming iOS 12 update, Apple developers have worked to address this concern and are aiming to help users understand how much time they are spending on their device and in certain apps through a new “Digital Health” setting.

2. Verizon to Stop Selling Real-Time Location Data to Third Party Brokers

An industry-wide practice that allowed for third-party companies to buy real-time location data of users is coming to an end at Verizon. This is the result of a revelation that one of these third-party companies did not have legal permission to track users. While Verizon is the only company to pledge to stop selling pinpointed location data to third party intermediaries, other companies are expected to follow.

3. The Next Face of Digital Privacy Could be a Man that Stole Phones

A perpetrator behind a multi-person armed robbery of several Radio Shack stores was found guilty after cell phone tower location data was utilized, without a warrant, to place him at the scene of each robbery. The case is now heading to the supreme court and could set a precedent for how law enforcement is allowed to access digital privacy.

4. E-Prescription Use Grows as Traditional Pharmacies Adopt Technology

Back in August 2017, Amazon rolled out an E-prescription service that allowed for users to order basic over-the-counter medications and have them delivered through Amazon Prime. As Amazon continues carving out a space in healthcare, CVS has just announced a similar e-prescription service that will allow customers to order OTC medications and prescriptions for delivery, with the goal of minimizing Amazon’s ability to disrupt the space.

5. What 14 Tech Leaders Want Every Non-Tech Professional to Know

If you don’t consider yourself the most tech-savvy person in the room, there are some things technology leaders want you to know. Enola Labs’ Chief Architect, Marcus Turner weighed in for Forbes on this topic, so be sure to check out his insights here.

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