March 28, 2018
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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. Google Quantum Computing Chip May Outperform a Supercomputer

Google has built a 72-qubit quantum processor which they believe will soon reach “quantum supremacy”, meaning it will outperform supercomputers on certain tasks. Supercomputers solve extremely complex computer science problems at high speeds, making this a huge advancement in the field.

2. SXSW Wraps up in Austin, Here’s a Recap

It’s hard to keep up with all things SXSW—the massive technology, music, and media annual festival in Austin, TX. The main tech focuses of the festival were applications of blockchain both inside and outside of cryptocurrency, applications of AI in sales and marketing, and high tech activations centered around pop culture.

3. After a Pedestrian is Killed, Uber Pulls Self-Driving Cars Off Roads

Rideshare company Uber has been testing its rollout of self driving cars throughout North America. This month, a 49 year old woman was fatally hit by one of Uber’s self driving cars while crossing the street. The woman was not using a crosswalk, but many wonder if self-driving vehicles have a place on the roads.

4. IBM Launches Watson Assistant

IBM’s newest offering will now allow companies to build their very own voice-activated assistants, just like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Watson Assistant will allow companies to add their own unique flair to their voice assistants and even use their own datasets in training the assistant.

5. Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Keep Your Facebook Data Safe

Facebook has lost a whopping $50B in market value since news broke this month of a political data firm gaining access to private user data though the social network. Some users decided to delete their accounts in response, noting this as the “final straw” in a string of news over concern for how secure Facebook keeps user data.

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