November 30, 2017
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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. FDA Approves First Digital Pill

Medication compliance is a vital aspect of achieving desirable health outcomes. This FDA-approved digital pill will have a sensor that can notify a physician when a patient has or has not ingested their medication. This technology will be especially useful for patients with mental health issues, and is predicted to improve medication compliance and health outcomes among patients who consent.

2. Does the 4th Amendment Protect Digital Data?

A string of armed robberies is leading to a precedent setting supreme court hearing. GPS tracking of the robber’s phones provided by their phone companies (connecting them to the locations of each crime) helped send them to jail. Some experts claim this violates the 4th amendment, while others believe digital GPS data is owned by phone companies, not individuals. The ruling could set a precedent for future criminal cases involving digital data and digital privacy.

3. Bitcoin Currency Hitting Another All Time High

At $9,700 in late November, Bitcoin currency has hit another all time high. This leaves consumers wondering if this currency is stable enough to invest in, while other financial analysts call the currency “a fraud”. The CME recently stated that they plan to offer Bitcoin trading in the future, which has further spiked the price of this digital currency.

4. Hollywood Tech Lands Role in Health Care

Motion capture technology, traditionally utilized in animating movies, is now powering trainer-supervised physical therapy workouts from the comfort of a patient’s living room. This technology uses two cameras that allow a trainer to record movements and track joints to make sure the patient is doing the exercises correctly. This is expected to aid in compliance of prescribed exercises and improve health outcomes.

5. New Samsung App Helping the Color Blind

Samsung has released a new app called SeeColors which aims to help color blind consumers recalibrate their televisions. With 300 million people suffering with a degree of color blindness, this app can help determine the type and level of color vision deficiency to appropriately calibrate the user’s Samsung TV screens.

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