November 27, 2018
Alexandra Bohigian

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The top tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. AWS adds controls to block public access to S3

Mismanaged Amazon S3 buckets are a known cause of data leaks in AWS. To curb these leaks, AWS has just this month added a security control to block public access to S3 buckets. This control features four security settings for administrators to choose from depending on their security needs.

2. Netflix to test a cheaper mobile-only plan

Netflix is now testing a cheaper, mobile-only plan that would allow subscribers to watch content solely from their smartphone. 60% of Netflix subscribers use the mobile app to view content at least once per month. While this is only currently in testing in international markets, it could eventually offer more flexibility for those that desire a mobile-only experience.

3. Amazon HQ2 is officially announced

After more than a year of waiting, Amazon has officially announced where they will be opening up their second headquarters, “HQ2”. Amazon landed on New York City and Northern Virginia, which will both be home to the tech giant’s next headquarters and an expected 50,000 high-paying new jobs.

4. Enola Labs joins Austin Technology Council

Austin Technology Council is the unifying voice of technology leaders in Austin, Texas. Enola Labs is proud to join a group of technology companies who work together to foster innovation and growth. By joining the Austin Technology Council, our team will benefit from excellent programming and development opportunities.

5. The most popular in tech this holiday shopping season

It’s officially Cyber Monday and the holiday season is in full swing. Technology products are most likely to be on everyone’s shopping list. Video game consoles, smart home devices, and audio gear are expected to be the most popular items this season and consumers can expect great deals on these items leading up to the holidays.

Now is a great time to start planning software projects and technical team growth for 2019. Contact Enola Labs today to schedule a discussion with our technical leadership.