October 30, 2017
Alexandra Bohigian

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The top 5 tech news stories and breakthroughs of the month.

1. AMA Launches New Online Platform to Bring Doctors and Tech Together

The American Medical Association has released a new online “Physician Innovation Platform” which will seek to connect tech companies and founders in need of physician input in order to create health technology solutions. This open online platform has volunteer and paid opportunities for doctors to provide their expertise, while helping tech companies advance their projects.

2. Solar Power Via Tesla Helping Puerto Rico Recover

Large tech companies tend to join together to help out when natural disasters hit. This was no different when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, leaving most Puerto Ricans without power. Tesla stepped up to the plate and has provided Powerwall solar panels and Powerpack energy storage batteries to the island, doing their part to get the community the help it needs. Tesla is continuing to roll out solar roofs and panels throughout the U.S. as they work to disrupt the energy market.

3. New Wave of Cyber Attacks Hitting Russia and Other Nations

The new wave of cyber attacks in Russia and other nations are being referred to as “Bad Rabbit”. So far, we are seeing this attack target Russian news agencies, and it has also severely affected the metro system and airports. Bad Rabbit is a perfect example of the real world impact cyber attacks can have, and is encouraging governments around the globe to continue tightening up cybersecurity efforts.

4. Amazon Key Would Let Delivery Person Into Your Home

Amazon released Amazon Key this week, a service requiring Amazon’s “smart lock” and “Cloud Cam” that would allow Amazon deliveries to be delivered inside of the customer’s home. The delivery person would be able to let themselves into the home and leave the package safely inside. This has raised some debate among consumers who question if this is too invasive, while others welcome the convenience.

5. Apple Sees Mobile Devices as Future of AI

As Apple begins taking preorders for the iPhone X, the COO of Apple stated the device will serve as a major AI platform in the future. With AI features such as facial recognition built in, app developers will have the ability to integrate AI capabilities into their new apps. He also stated that the technology for AI is going to change the way we think about several industries beyond mobile, including healthcare delivery.

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