September 28, 2017
Alexandra Bohigian

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1. Texas is a Finalist in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One Challenge

10 candidates from 5 countries are finalists in the Hyperloop One challenge, Elon Musk’s vision for the future of transportation. This high speed tube would transport passengers at speeds up to 670 mph, meaning travellers could get from Austin to Dallas in less than 20 minutes if constructed.

2. iPhone X Review - The Good and the Bad

It is officially fall, which means there is a new iPhone being released. With the iPhone X officially announced, the consensus is that the new screen and UI are great, but the face ID feature and high price tag may deter potential buyers.

3. Amazon HQ2 in Austin?

That’s the big question this month as Amazon announced it is planning to open up a second headquarters. After Amazon’s recent acquisition of Austin-based Whole Foods, many experts are putting Austin on Amazon’s shortlist for their next HQ location. Austin has almost everything on Amazon’s “HQ2 wishlist”, but falls behind in public transportation.

4. Drones Being Used to Accelerate Health Care in Developing Countries

When we think of the growing health tech prevalence, we tend to think of tech-centric cities like Silicon Valley and Austin. However, Rwanda is leading the charge in Africa in utilizing drones to elevate health care delivery in their developing country. Their method of utilizing drones to deliver blood supplies is setting an example for the possibilities of enhanced healthcare in remote and developing areas of the world with a little help from tech.

5. More Data Breaches Leading to Increased Cybersecurity

In September, it was hard to miss the news of 143 Million Americans being affected by the Equifax data breach. Deloitte just announced a data breach as well, and news also broke that the SEC has faced a breach. These breaches and recent cyberattacks in the public and private sectors are pushing many businesses and government agencies to increase their cybersecurity budgets.

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