July 30, 2013
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In our latest top 5 list we will take a look at the event industry and how the use of mobile applications can better facilitate any conference or convention. There are thousands of events that take place every year and event planners know all too well how difficult the preparation and execution of a single event can be.

The use of printed programs are becoming a thing of the past. What are conference attendees using now? Their mobile device. With the surge of mobile devices, attendees can now post comments on their social media sites, look up speakers, take notes, take pictures, and communicate with other attendees all with the same device. Mobile devices enable attendees to experience a conference like never before.
Here at Enola Labs we understand that one cannot always afford to produce a custom made application for an event or conference.

Therefore, we would like to fill you in on our top 5 favorite event management apps that provide you with a simple to use framework and tools to create your own application. Once completed you can then share it to all your attendees to provide them a unique experience that they will never forget.

1. Guidebook

The biggest selling point about the Guidebook event management app is the sheer simplicity of the application. To create an app for your event, first choose what kind of content you want to be available for your attendees then simply drag and place it to make your layout. From the creation of your app to its launch, it’s easy to use design allows anybody at any skill level to successfully create a custom app that looks great. The best part is pricing ranges from free, for smaller events, to $5,000 for a full blown out convention.

Some key features it provides is the ability to search for sessions by keyword, browse by time or type and create your own personal itinerary. Want to learn more about a speaker? Guidebook offers a searchable exhibitor directory with speaker profiles. You can also keep attendees up to date with conference changes or updates by sending them push notifications straight to their smartphone. Probably the most useful feature is the ability to have an interactive venue and show floor map. Interested in a session or attraction? Find out how to get there with the click of a button and avoid getting lost amongst the sea of exhibitor booths. Also don’t worry about opening your Twitter app to tweet about what you just saw as all your social media streams are available in app which allows you to share any information straight from the app itself. You can also view a live conference stream and see what everyone else is saying.

2. Attendify

The Attendify app is just as fully stocked with features as the Guidebook app with a few interesting add-ons. To help socialize with other attendees, everyone attending has a profile that makes it easy to break the ice and connect with others. Attendees can broadcast a personal objective such as “looking for business partnerships’ to maximize their experience.

From an event planner prospective, Attendify offers analytics that allow you to see downloads and other session and usage analytics directly from the app management dashboard. This way you can manage your results and improve for next year. This can also be useful if you have that one attendee that is causing trouble. You have the availability to manage users and their profiles and block them from posting content or sending private messages if needed.

3. Pathable

Pathable is an interesting application that really stresses the importance of social interactions throughout the course of a conference or event. Rich attendee profiles allow those in attendance to personalize their profiles with photos, bios, links to social sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, as well as customized tags of which one can search by. Want to share you ideas from a presentation? With Pathable you have the ability to start a forum discussion with individuals that share your common interests; You can even continue the discussion long after the conference has ended.

While many other applications offer the ability to map out the exhibitor floor, Pathable takes it a step further by allowing exhibitors and sponsors the ability to customize their own “virtual tradeshow booth” including an on-line booking system and the ability to promote trade show specials via SMS alerts.

4. ShowGizmo

ShowGizmo is an event management app that is designed to provide up to the minute information to all attendees and speakers. Not only do attendees have the ability to provide feedback as comments, like other apps, ShowGizmo provides options so users can rate and evaluate each session, each speaker and complete an overall event survey- so you receive valuable feedback to make your next event even better. All this is provided to you in real time.

A unique feature of ShowGizmo, is the ability to also engage your attendees via live polling. This feature allows speakers to find out what people think on key topics in real time during their sessions. This is done all in-app and results are displayed onscreen for the audience and speakers to see. This app provides all of these real time features while still providing attendees with customized profiles, bio, update alerts, and a customizable guide.

5. Eventboard

For attendees Eventboard provides the same services as the other applications on this list. These services include the ability for attendees to create their personal agenda, a conference floor plan, update alerts, and social integration.

LIke ShowGizmo, Eventboard provides the ability to create you own session feedback survey. Survey results are also provided in real time to provide up to the minute feedback on your sessions. A unique twist that Eventboard brings to the table is the ability to view planned attendance for an event. This can be a valuable tool to see how many people to expect for a session and to plan accordingly before hand.