February 01, 2017
Alexandra Bohigian

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Austin is a city of innovation, attracting a remarkable number of entrepreneurs to the city each year. In fact, Austin ranks #1 in the U.S. as the top startup environment. This growing city of innovation, particularly in healthcare and technology, has created the ideal environment for healthtech startups to settle. These startups are changing the way we think about healthcare, and have the added benefit of drawing upon the healthy tech environment solidified in Austin. Here are the top five healthtech startups to watch in 2017.

1. Medici

Medici is a healthcare application that is revolutionizing the way we think about going to the doctor. With separate applications for patients, doctors, and hospitals, Medici allows patients to contact their doctor through the convenience of their smartphone. The doctor can then decide if the patient needs to come in for a physical examination or if they have enough information to make a diagnosis and prescribe medication via the app. This service is also available for pets & veterinarians.

Medici secured a remarkable $24M of investor support soon after launching. This funding is allowing them to expand throughout the United States and eventually a global market.

The Founder of Medici, Clinton Phillips, explained to us why he believes Austin is positioned to be the leader in healthtech:

“Austin is incredibly positioned to lead the revolution in healthtech. Other US healthtech hubs, such as Houston, Nashville or San Francisco, have legacy roots in traditional healthcare often funded by massive healthcare systems. Austin is free from these traditional influencers. Austin’s new “flagship” medical institution, the Dell Medical School, is a startup in its own right aiming to completely reinvent medical training. This clean slate and culture of innovation creates the opportunity for Austin to truly challenge healthcare’s status quo.”

To learn more about Medici, visit their website and download their app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Meretz

Are people more likely to workout if they are going to get a reward for doing so? According to Austin-based gaming-fitness startup, Merertz, that is exactly the case. Meretz is an app that tracks all types of physical activity and rewards users in virtual currency for physical activity. This virtual currency can then be utilized to make in-app purchases on your favorite mobile games and to unlock other rewards.

Still in its beta testing phase, Meretz is hoping to revolutionize the way we think about working out. They will begin seeking funding once the app goes live, but we believe this healthtech company will be one to watch in 2017. Learn more about Meretz on their website.

3. SocialCare by Health Symmetric Inc.

SocialCare by Health Symmetric, Inc. is the first of its kind open healthcare software. As the first Government-Certified Healthcare Software Platform, SocialCare is bringing the best practices from other industries into healthcare in order to offer a higher level of data security. This patient-centric platform aims to help providers achieve better patient outcomes while optimizing their revenue.

SocialCare plans to go national the first quarter of this year. With roots in Austin, it will be interesting to see the expansion of SocialCare nationwide, and to see how this platform and technology is adapted in mainstream healthcare. Learn more about SocialCare by visiting their website.

4. EverlyWell

EverlyWell is another company here in Austin that is innovating the way we think about medicine. EverlyWell offers a multitude of common tests that adults may need to take throughout their lives. Rather than going to the doctor or lab and paying steep fees for testing, EverlyWell brings the tests to you. Individuals can simply order the test of their choosing from the EverlyWell website and have it directly shipped to their home. The test is then shipped to a lab and easy-to-digest results and analysis are provided on their secure online platform. EverlyWell received $2.5M in funding last year and is poised to continue expanding its availability of tests.

CEO and Founder of EverlyWell, Julia Cheek, told us that EverlyWell is innovating healthcare in Austin and around the country by making health tests more accessible:

“EverlyWell believes that health tests shouldn’t be hard to get – or hard to understand. We provide convenient, at-home health tests with easy-to-read results.”

To learn more about Everlywell, visit their website.

5. RxWiki

RxWiki is another Austin-based healthtech company sparking innovation in the industry. RxWiki is reinventing the way pharmacies work through the Digital Pharmacist SaaS platform. After a pharmacy partners with RxWiki, their customers can then easily receive information about their prescribed medications through a secure account, request refills, and access a ton of reliable medical information approved by pharmacists.

RxWiki received $5.75M in their first round of funding, so 2017 will be a display of their growth and continuing innovation in the industry. VIsit their website to learn more.

Healthtech in Austin in 2017 and Beyond

Healthtech in Austin is expected to be on the rise in 2017 and beyond. As the leaders in technical healthcare consulting in Austin, Enola Labs is proud to help this new and exciting industry thrive in our city. Contact us today to discuss your complex technological problems in healthcare and to understand how our advanced technical consultants can help.