June 17, 2013
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Enterprise mobility management is the management of mobile devices, wireless networks, and related services that can facilitate mobile computing in the workplace. When you consider how predominant BYOD is becoming, enterprise mobility management is a crucial tool that businesses need to consider.

Security is a hot-button issue with mobile devices in a BYOD environment because all it takes is one lost mobile device to put some potentially sensitive information in the wrong hands. One aspect of EMM focuses on preventing unauthorized access to this kind of data if such an event occurs. Methods for this include password protection, encryption, or remote wipe technology, which lets an administrator remotely erase all the data on a misplaced device.

Application management is also more difficult in a BYOD setting. Before people brought their smartphones and tablets to work, they used company devices over which the corporation had complete control. But with the advent of these personal devices, companies have to find a workaround for their lack of access. One common solution is for the company to provide middleware to automate management tasks and also give infrastructure to securely administer devices over the air. Companies can also set up self-management portals, which allow employees to download updates and applications to their enterprise applications on their own.